[CFW]GorilLaz° pro v1.0 SYMBIAN BELLE EDITION NOKIA 5530 RM-504 (v40.0.003) C6v41.0.0

Bro, Sist !
Malam ni w sngat sbuk dngan si Doi dikamar :mrgreen:
So ,brubung si doi lg k toilet,naaah inilah ksempatan w untuk ngepost mlam ni  :mrgreen:  hmmm eniwei w mw share CFW for 5530 RM-504 v40
Jd silakan liat data”.a !
Oh y ni smwa w Copas dri Forum Yg w Ikuti. Niat w dsni Cuma skdar info n brbagi . nd 1 lagi . CFW ni buatan Mastah Ran19 and All Mooder in Pnht Forum .

CHANGELOGS: Visual mods -Black swipe to unlock
-New windows transparent
-Pop up fader black and white deleted (to
feel the windows in transparent)
-Remove slide to unlock in landscape mod
-New release date set to 01/19/2012 -Media bar fix into black and white
-Typing speed set to max
-Improve rotation speed set to max
-New touch UI (moded by me)
-Shuffle play “ON” by deafult
-Repeat all songs “ON” by default -New splash and shutdown screen black
and white
-New version on “*#0000#”
-Extension box deleted
-Messaging icon return to anna icon INTEGRATED APPS -Zip manager
-Rompatcher 3.1 (i’ll try to fix this apps
for auto run after booting)
-Ramblow pro
-Memcheck -Killme PREVIOUS LOGS: CFW name: GorilLaz°
Model: Nokia 5530 RM-504 (v32.0.007)
Base firmware: C6 v41.0.010
Language: english
(RAM management start up)
-RAM: 56mb -Heavy usage: 46-49mb
(Visual mods)
-Symbian belle navi bar no bugs all fix
“ok” buttons thanks to jomar and DM also
to me
-Mix anna icons from N9 to Anna icon pack
-Customize splashscareen and shutdown
thanks to silver_ice
-3.5G signal icon
-4×4 portrait 6×2 landscape grid
-Customize digital sounds -New remoded themes thanks to refsuj
for helping me for this!
-Kinetic scrolling (no brake)
-memory card icon
-Remove lag on menu
-Tactile feedback in calls V2 -Ui acceleration of N8
-New widgets arrangement
-Changed name of applicatios to “Apps”
-Changed name of videos & TV to
-Video shortcut media bar fix -Added smooth control backlight
-Help disabled all applications are
“asking” for
-“Static features” the presence of the
system, the item “Help” will not show -Now when you press the power button
not discharge to the desktop and a
appears with a choice of profiles, turning
off the phone, etc. (like in the good old days)
-Disabled mini “QWERTY”
-Brightness set to 25%
-Light timeout set to 30 secs
-Changed default text tone
-Landscape buttons size minimized -Now more
space on landscape by dan-av
-Extended menu is now used
-Organized the version *#0000# for
understanding of users (Widget homescreen)
-Music player
-Shortcut 1 =
(messaging,brightlight,btswitch,keylock) -Added option in left selection key on
homescreen by jomar
-Symbian belle dialler icon
-Dialler – press/hold “0” bluetooth swicth
-Number “0” icon change to btswitch -Music player default album
-Shuffle play “off” by default
-Music volume set to 50
-Default date change to dec.19, 2011
-Nokia browser v7.3.1.31
-Nokia pure font increase emoticons and symbian belle support navir bar by jomar
-Shutdown and restart symbols added
pressing power button
-Premium page symbols working with
emoticons for 6v41 by drigz -Swipe to unlock “blue”
-Theme effects “ON” by default
-Sensor “ON” by default
-Battery mod “2 to 3 days” by devilbats17
-New touch UI credits to me
-New notification icon by me -Theme effects (renegade) made by me
-Calls person anna icon S^3 by me
-Improved rotation speed N8 by djraz
-Touch vibration “ON” by default
-Show sim contacts by default by
kandongango17 -Music stopper integrated to music menu
-Pop up fader by devilbats17
-Nokia maps 3.06
-N8 smileys
-Red light “ON” while charging
-No text “message:” anymore when typing

(Built-in application’s)
-Auto Installer
-Easykeylock edited by me
-Quickoffice edited by me
-BTswitch -Brightlight edited by me
-Ovi store
-Music stopper

(Removed applications)
-Ovi sync -Ovi contacts
-Ovi music
-Phone switch
-Drawing Good to Know (Path for media files)
-Images = e\images\
-Music = e\music\
-Videos = e\videos\

(For boot screen) E:\data\boot\Startup.gif
E:\data\boot\Shutdown.mp3 PLEASE READ THIS WARNING!!!: -Don’t swap ROFS2 files between
different phone variants. This will kill
your phone!

-Don’t flash using a higher version if you
plan to revert back to an older core
version!. -Downgrade will make your phone dead,
always stay with new CORE!.

Link Rofs2 : via Mediafire

Link Core & uda :  via Mediafire

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20 thoughts on “[CFW]GorilLaz° pro v1.0 SYMBIAN BELLE EDITION NOKIA 5530 RM-504 (v40.0.003) C6v41.0.0

  1. Musa

    Mantabs bro… Keep sharing 🙂

  2. niceee info, gaaan 😀

  3. numpang lewat aja deh :mrgreen:
    pake SZEE soalnya..

  4. @Mahardika
    hehehe …gpp gan ..silakan :mrgreen:

  5. lumayan mirip belle ya. . Tinggal widget dan signal panelnya aja,mungkin juga notif tray

  6. Nyimak aja bro,ga punya 5530 soalnya

  7. Maaf ru smpt dtng, hummm oke juga. Nnti k warnet dulu buat sedot 😉

  8. mantaff brow..

    Nyoba ah..


    working fine…superb…..thanks a lot….

  10. Ahcfair

    ijinn sedott brooowww…..

    klo mo, bleh sklian add fb ane ya gan….wkwwkk

  11. ane pake Ori FW 5530 v40.0.003
    Gimana Cara flasnya gan.??
    harus pake JAF ya,. ga bisa pake Phoenix
    kendala ane pake jaf ponsel gak ke detect pake phoenix pas klik rubrish ada file not found
    gimana nih pengen bangetm pake cfw ini

  12. y4

    base filenya download dimana gan?

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