[CFW] LinsPirat LTS Nokia 5233|5230|5530|5800|X6|All RMs| [C6v41]

CFW Creator – tintinboss

Other RMs links coming tonight :D
Keep checking the thread

First of all…
I would like to say that this cfw is simply awesme n best cfw i’ve used ever.. :D

If you are a graphics freak n love your phone to look pretty, then this cfw is what you need..

Now Introducing the “Long Term Support” version of “LinsPirat v1.0”

Update – 30th jan, 2012

— All bugs fixed !!!
— LinsPirat Music Theme ADDED!!
— Rompatcher Bug fixed!
— No Belle symbols (fixed).
— ScreenShots Updated!

“LinsPirat LTS” is by no means a replacing version of “LinsPirat v1.0”. Simply because they taste different.

Quote from tintinboss :)

Credits :
PNHT Team, Die2mrw007, binh24,mara ,CODeRUS, dan-av , Szakalit ,Doctorly,Jhaorosario,vova and all good modder friends 

Before you give it a go 

This’s not any elementary work either.
Build upon and with ideas and even files from great mods and CFWs (view credits).
Special thanks to Die2mrw007 & Shashwat from ******* for helping a lot every now











Whats in it ?

— Fast and colorful (60mb+ ram at start up , loads of color in LinsPirat theme).

— NEW! LinsPirat LTS (Music) Theme!

— NEW! LinsPirat LTS (Music) Walls.

— NEW! LinsPirat LTS theme.

— NEW! 5 LinsPirat Ringers (Personally edited from fav tunes).

— LinsPirat v1 theme Revamped (will be available for autoinstaller).

— New! 6+2 LinsPirat HD walls.

— Music Player Supporting Karaoke with any .lrc (15.2 default).

— NEW! — Windows Phone 7 Giant font minified by me! (Have a plan to release giant version in future.)

—  New and reworked ANIMATED LinsPirat LTS bootscreen (mbm file for smooth animation).

— LinsPirat v1 Theme included – (colorful and with anna pop icons)

–5 Extra equalizer presets.

— Glossy swipe to unlock.

— Common good apps cooked within CFW.

— Rompatcher with proven patches.

— Personal Server Links.

–Effects : Android Theme effects by nhelske.

ABOUT MEDIABAR : Please read:

The accel swith icon is not for accel switch. Rather it will rotate your screen permanently until you press that again ( WORKS ONLY WHEN SENSOR IS OFF – LOGICAL right?).
We actually need that kinda rotation while browsing the web (lying on bed :P) or reading a PDF.
HOWEVER – Accel switch is integrated.

Installation Notes:

If you hard reset or factory set your device, please flash again to get the 5 new equalizer preset.

–Use provided UDA (Otherwise you wont get 5 equalizer presets).
–Use v50 core for RM-625 by binh24
–Format memory card from within phone before you give it a go.
–Restart device after first boot.

Thats it.


–For document reading – Piscel Smart office
–RAM management – Ramblow
–Junk files cleaner – x-clear (Python 2.2 needed).

Tips :

TO INSTALL ANY QT : Well though there’s a lot qt fixes around, they seem to have conflicts with SmartInstaller.
Here’s a fix to install official QT in CFW:
1.Install Maximum Python (google it :P)
2. Ignor errors.
3. Install QT (any).
4.Ignor errors
Works every time. :D :D

Install OPERA MINI in C:\ Drive (wont crash :P)



5233 RM625
CORE (V50.1.001): Click Here
Core (V50.9.001): Click here
Core (V51.1.002): Click here
5233 RM625 Rofs2 & UDA (Fixed): Mediafire Link     4shared Link

5230 RM588
Nokia 5230
Core (v51.0.002): Click Here
Core (v51.6.002): Click Here
Rofs2 and core v51.6.002 ported by Help3r > 7-Zip Manager Archive. Double Click to extract :)

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8 thoughts on “[CFW] LinsPirat LTS Nokia 5233|5230|5530|5800|X6|All RMs| [C6v41]

  1. musha

    waaahhh ….Perrtaaammxx turrboo ……
    ijin nyolong gan :mrgreen:

  2. lee

    cara pakenya gimana??? langsung di flash pake ini???

  3. samsoel.black@gmail.com

    core’ny ko broken.,,.,???

  4. PGM-FI

    gan mau nanya?
    ane kan pke cfw linspirat ini nie,terus mw ganti ama cfw linspirat belle yg baru,tu langsung diflash aja ga gan?

  5. hamba allah

    gan , tutornya dong juga , ane bingung ..
    ane pake nokia 5800 RM-356 v6.0.003

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