[CFW]Blinkl|Dragon CFW v60.0.003►5800/RM-356 | February 04, 2012

Blink|Dragon C6v60 & v40_52.0.007 to 52.0.101–>February 04, 2012

Special thanks to Symbianize, DM and PNHT Modders

Feel, Experience, Extend the use of Touch

CFW Name: Blink|Dragon
Model : Nokia 5800
Supported RM’s : RM-356 (v52)
Base Firmware : C6 v40.0.021 & C6 v41.0.10 & NEW V60.0.003
Language : English Only


C6 v60.0.003


February 04, 2012

Fix on Mediabar that’s all

January 29, 2012

New emoticons patch
Used RAM management
Disable Text copied to clipboard and Hide Open Apps
Lower Consumption Battery And Optimal System Configurations
No Voice Update
Remove Totality Voice Go To Music Store
–> all these mods credits to DJRaz

January 25, 2012

Changed startup image and sound (location: Data\boot)
changed theme effects to android or smoke effects (thanks to eveo123) ediated by me
changed default date and time
changed default profile name
changed dialer icon
changed default idle background
kinetic scrolling from previous releases used
rest of the mods are intact

December 13, 2011
New theme effects ( Atlantis effects by Dscobsct) watch Video Here
Improved UI
Phone cache doubled (x2 – my own values) (thanks to Ash for this idea)
Music bug on Go to Music fixed
Default date change to dec 13, 2011
Check and comment for other updates

December 01, 2011
New theme effects (infinity edited by me thanks to dscobsct) check video Here
Fixed bugs on contact and messaging spacing on button
Added icon for show open apps for menu, and applications
Improved wifi sensitivity (test niyo na lang yung difference ha )

November 27, 2011

New rofs2,core and uda use (thanks to binh24 & furcom)
New theme effects (Kastor UI thanks to the original maker)
New dialer icon mod by me
Return symbian belle symbol for menu
Use S^3 fonts for pro-look
New square D-Design belle icons (thanks to daeva112 & dani and to me for remodding icons )
Different icon for mediabar – mod by me
Fixed navibar bugs
Added Nokia Ovi Maps
New wallpaper on theme
Improved UI & system performance see and feel

Note: If you want the active profile of “General” just change the modified name in the rofs2 @ private\10202be9\101F8798 sting value 0x2
If you want to attain 80MB of phone memory you may not also use uda file
Not all icons are changed, only menus and some submenu & application icons

Reminder & Warning: If you flash to this cores you can’t return back to older version like C6v40 or 41

Download here!!!

February 04, 2012 Release|Blink|Dragon Rofs2|v60.0.003

Blink Core & Uda|v60.0.003

November 14, 2011 – C6v41

Fixed Music Library number of songs displayed (thanks also to Ash)
Increased Smiley size (thanks to n0tr3v3 of DM)
Fixed spacing on “Opening option at music HS
Fixed bug on deleting song at music library (thanks to alex of DM)
New dialer icon
New idle wallpaper added
Set deafult theme Blink|Pro
Changed default date to 11/14/11 time 6:00
Changed general Profile & BT name to Blink|Pro

November 10, 2011

New Signal & battery icon (mod by me)
New icons – Mix Anna & N9 ( thanks to silver_ice)
New Added theme called Blink Pro – mod wallpapers (thanks also to silver_ice)
New dialer icon (Mod by me)
Menu symbol (window) is back – now with accurate size (mod by me)
Modded mediabar icons
New startup & shutdown screen & animation (mod by me) must see!

–> November 04, 2011

Faster theme effect – removed lag on opening Settings menu ( to Johnrey22 for helping )
Improved touch sense UI
N9 icons is back
Mediabar icons retained as illusion theme icons
Minor fix on deletion of music at library but still delete option may hide so you need to exit music library again, still for fix (thanks to j0mar for editing)
Added smiley symbols on 6 page for text message

–> October 27, 2011

Fixed smiley from v40 (thanks to n0tr3v3 & our very own j0mar )
Use new theme effects by Gagan1491 See video here!
Removed tactile feedback values on touch vibra(re-mod)
Improved Ram Management (get around 68.xx MB plus startup ram then around 52 & below MB at heavy usage)
Modded notification widget to transparent, plain white also on unread logs
Use S^3 fonts (now S^3 digital clock is back )
Return navibar menu symbol
Slightly modded cpu & graphics rates
Original startup screens and sound is back

Download Section:

Blink|Pro C6v41 Rofs2 – 52.0.007

Blink|Pro C6v41 Rofs2 – 52.0.101

Core & Uda

C6 v41|52.0.007 Core

C6 v41|52.0.101 Core

Watch Video HERE

For C6 v40.0.021 Users

Blink|Legacy C6v40 Rof2|52.0.007

Blink|Legacy C6v40 Rof2|52.0.101

Blink|Mirage C6v40 Cores|52.0.007

Blink|Mirage C6v40 Cores|52.0.101


October 18, 2011

New Dialer (mod by me)
New Menu symbols (thanks to me)
Fixed bug on opening “Phone Management” (thanks also to Allen for the advise & all my co-modders )
New Native Browser v7.3.31 (thanks to dm modders and also to Badvlad)
New Swipe to Unlock mod (thanks to binh24 & Kando)
Fixed Mediabar icons when pressing and running on background (edited by me)
Changed notification widget to transparent while with logs (messages/missed calls) it will become color green (edited by me)
Fixed bug on notification while phone is lock/idle
Added Blink|Illusion theme base from AttisX with transparent HS (thanks also to Jusfer for editing)

Right softkey is default to “Contacts”, you can change it by selecting menu symbols on Application (change Right softkey)

October 13, 2011

Used iPhone style Fonts and Numbers (mod by me)
Music Volume set to 60% ( me also)
Symbian Belle Navibar – Bugless Update (special thanks to j0mar,Furcom,Badvlad, babu and the rest of the gang)
New Super HD icons -includes some changes on application icons also (mod by me)
Changed icons on mediabar (thanks to me – to be change for next release )
Notification icon color set to blue (mod by devilbats17)
Default date set to October 17, 2011 (preferred date to release sana)
No “Message:” label on composing text message (thanks to drakulaboy of DM)
Shutdown and Restart symbols still retained (thanks to fontcreator – mod by me)
Added option in left selection Options key on homescreen (thanks to j0mar)

September 22, 2011

New Theme Effects (Bursting Hole by Kandongango17-match the cfw name “Blink” see for yourself )
Default fonts set back to normal size
New signal and battery icon (modded by Me)
Hacked – Installserver mod by vova1609 (removed check for built-in apps when installing)
New notification and widgets mod by drakulaboy and edited by Me
Last Played icon on Music Player fixed (thanks to Ran for the file)
New built-in applications icon (thanks to Refsuj06)
New call dialer icon (modded by Me)
Changed wallpaper of deafult theme (Grass picture, cool to eyesight)
Edited N8 touch sense UI
Music player mod for exit on menu
Gallery Mod – Images gallery won’t search video files in “Videos” folder (make your own folder name in your MMC)
Note: You may edit the file (to include more folder names so that they will be excluded by the phone’s gallery)
0x1 string – for C drive
0x2 string – for E drive

September 03, 2011

Touch Vibration Fixed added
N9 icons mix with anna icons (thanks to vova1609)
New 4g signal icon (mod by me)
Memory icon ( credits to djraz)
Calls Person Icon S^3 Anna by DjRaz
S^3 Icon in Contatcs (anna icon mod by me, thanks also to djraz)
3 dots dialer icon
N8 Touch Sense S^3 Belle by DjRaz
Ui acceleration n8 by DjRaz
Open and Close Apps Speed N8 by DjRaz
Improved Rotation Speed N8 by DjRaz
Tactile feedback in calls (v2)by DjRaz
Report Menu HeadPhones For c6 by DjRaz
Anna Notification by Aky
New theme wallpaper 9 lay-out by me)
New startup nad shutdown image (lay-out by me)
Equalizer presets by Jhao (requested by refsuj06)

August 20, 2011

Added battery mod
Removed mini qwerty on keyboard (thanks to Kandongango17 for the file)
Improved touch sensitivity (now have a more responsive touchscreen phone)
Dialer icon change to Yinyang
“Videos & TV” name on menu change to “Videos” only
Change cpu and game frame rate to 25 x 75 %
Removed mailbox on messaging
Profile “General” change to “Blink|Mirage”
Music Stopper name of editor change to Blink|Mirage also

August 11, 2011

Battery landscape mod (mod by me)
Faster scrolling in Music player
Decrease preview on theme
Msg viewer and editor Font size is set to small by default
Music player Heap size n Playback volume
N8 touch sense (feel the N8 UI)
Show sim contacts by default
Music stopper already integrated to music player SS
Changed dialer to Yinyang icon
Default call volume increased to 80 and 100 in internal and loudspeaker

Please Note:
1. Before Flashing please delete folders Private, Data, Resource, Sys, System and any other folders from Memory Card (Clean Flashing)
2. After successful flashing, wait for seconds until all the widgets are loaded to the homescreen.
3. MediaBar would not start at first boot. You need to restart your phone once.
4. Do a hard reset after flashing if necessary or desired

If you want core for Dalmatian use this link:

Dalmation core by binh24

Attached also are some wallpapers

Don’t know how to flash? Click Here

Special thanks to Symbianize, PNHT and DM modders, THANKS to all of YOU guys

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13 thoughts on “[CFW]Blinkl|Dragon CFW v60.0.003►5800/RM-356 | February 04, 2012

  1. keren sob ,tp ga bisa ngeflash

  2. dede

    beneran ada querty touchnya ni gan??

  3. dede

    tadi malam dah coba pake blink dragon dgn versi yg sama tp downloadnya di halaman sebelah,tp nggak ada querty touch cuman ada alfanurik ???/

  4. mpip

    mantaf gan ane cocok tp koq mini qwerrty na kgk muncul yak 😮

  5. mpip

    tp biarpun ga ad qwerrty na tak masalah krn ane lbh suka pake dayhand qwerty 😀

  6. mpip

    wah gan, npa music library na kgk bs ngdata lagu :/

  7. kang…kalo flash 5800 RM-356 Fw ori V 60.0.003 ke CFW V 6.0.003 gpp kan,,,


  9. haposan

    bagaimana cara update ke v paling tinggi

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