CFW[Nitro^™ Chrome CFW 5233|5230|5800|5530|C6-00] Belle Edition

Nitro^™ Cfw C6v40 Symbian Belle Edition
(basic mods are all here)

October 24,2011 for 5800
(bug free!)

October 22,2011 for 5530

October 14,2011

October 24,2011 Updates: (for 5800)
-Fixed the bug in camera app have a prob with the icon
-all mods from my updates updated

October 22,2011 Updates: (for 5530)
-changed Splash and shutdown
-Shutdown and restart button and Logo fixed
-Remove FOTA Cache
-Faster Scrolling in Music Player
-Music player heap size increased and Playback volume.
-Decrease theme preview
-N8 touch sense
-3G icon N9 by DJRAZ
-Open,close for apps speed increased
-UI acceleration increased
-Themes: Feathers by Arjun Arura by default

Download R0fs2

Previous updates: (for C6)
-Symbian Belle Logos changed – base package credits to notr3v3 of DM
-Music player Fixed!! thats my biggest achievement in this version
-show sim Contacts by deafult
-heap size playback volume increased
-decreased theme preview
-faster scrolling in music
-N8 touch/S’Belle sense
-playboy dialler – credits to devilbats
-supports smiley symbols on 6th page – messaging
-default Symbian Anna icons updated
-camera-video switch removed

Previous Updates:
-disabled device updates
-Symbian Belle Navi and Hs (credits to jomar)
-Perfect anna ic0ns (credits to jomar and Vova1609
-4G signal and battery icon (credits to jomar and djraz)
-mem0ry card ic0n
-default theme – Dusty by Arjun Aurura
-“message:” is rem0ved in messaging
-memcheck is integrated
-4×4 menu grid by default
-New clock Widget – all themes will be transparent (credits to drakulaboy)
-my default Hs widgets cust0mizati0n
-General profile is changed to Nitro^
-bluet0oth name default is Nitro^
-photo-video switch (credits to drakulaboy and ajrock)
-blank uda to get the ph0ne mem0ry in it highest mem0ry
-clean HS when you swipe
-Stylish warp theme effects
-all updated visual and performance m0ds is dropped
-downclocked to 50% to get a optimized battery usage. Y0u can feel this if y0ur n0t an addict in OM.


Full flash is needed and use my files only.
Using other core,rofs3 or uda will brick y0ur phone.
This is strictly for C6-00 rm-612 only.
Updated rofs2 will vary if what package or cfw you want to use. Feedbacks are important.

For C6-00 RM 612
RM-612 Core,uda and rofs3
Nitro^CFW Symbian Belle FIXED Edition ROFS2

For 5530 RM 504
Nitro^ S’Belle Edition 5530 RM-504 COre,Rofs2 and Uda

For 5800 RM-356 v52.0.101
RM-356 V52.0.101 Core and UDA
Nitro^™Symbian Belle Edition RM-356 100% Bug Free R0fs2

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14 thoughts on “CFW[Nitro^™ Chrome CFW 5233|5230|5800|5530|C6-00] Belle Edition

  1. cara flasing, bahan2nya gmn Gan?
    *newbie ane

  2. I love it whenever people come together and share ideas. Great website, stick with it!

  3. Kayakx bisa nh buat c6 gue :D

    • …hahaha… Pastinya bro … Oya , komment ku ples dong d pindahin dr spam mu bro… W kena akismet…

  4. cah chalem

    gmana ci gan cara flash nya,,,kok di list nya muncul tulisan can’t detect server…aku ndak mudeng gan…

  5. wisnu

    kalau dari fw v 4.2 bisa ga feb?
    Takutnya downgrade

  6. arie

    Bro,itu bs buat 5530 v40 ga?
    Lam knl aja ms bro.

  7. alfin

    mas, aku mau pke cfw di ats ,kira2 syarat’a apa aja ya?
    hp aku c6-00 v42.00.004 rm612, status hacked bisa ga pke cfw di ats tu?

    di tunggu reply’a


  8. ari

    RM-612 Core,uda and rofs3
    Nitro^CFW Symbian Belle FIXED Edition ROFS2

    tu ada 2 plihan cfw apa itu bhan2 flashing.a?

  9. Beckty

    gan hp ane 5233 cfw palikon mau saya ganti ke ofw lagi, bisa ga ya ?

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